Cosmetic chin surgery

As with any cosmetic surgery procedures affecting the face, cosmetic chin surgery can have a dramatic effect on appearance and can affect how other features look after surgery, even although these might not themselves have been operated on.

When thinking about cosmetic chin surgery it is vitally important that your surgeon considers your whole face and how the whole will appear after chin surgery. This can be achieved using computer imaging.

Forms of cosmetic chin surgery

In general terms, cosmetic surgery will be performed on the chin either to make it larger, smaller or to alter alignment.

Making the chin larger involves an implant, usually a piece of silicone which will have been specially shaped.

If the chin is being made smaller it is usually necessary to remove bone. This is achieved by making an incision and shaving off the appropriate amount of bone.

Cosmetic chin surgery procedures are normally carried out under a general anaesthetic but some patients will opt for a local anaesthetic. All patients will usually experience some pain afterwards and painkillers will normally be prescribed.